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The Catholic Jesus

Jesus invites us to know him in the Eucharist and the community of the Church, and so to join in the life of the divine Trinity.

Drawing on years of teaching experience, Dr Plant offers this readable, pithy account of contemporary biblical scholarship on Jesus, opening the riches of the Catholic tradition's understanding of Christ to a wider audience.

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BCP 1662: The AngCat Teen Guide to the Book of Common Prayer

Those little black Prayer Books aren't just there to make the church smell musty. 

New addition to the AngCat (Anglican Catechesis) range.

Inside, you will find the spiritual tools used by English-speaking Christians for almost 500 years, with many of its parts even older than that.

But if you want to use them, you need to know what they are and how to find them.

Become an instant master with this teen-friendly, full-colour, magazine-style 28-page guide.

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Daily Prayer Planner

Ever say you're going to pray for someone, then forget? Wonder how to organise your prayer life?

This journal includes a simple order of daily prayer to get you started, and blank daily, weekly and monthly spaces to enter your own prayer intentions. Keep it with your Prayer Book!

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Time for Christ

What has Church worship got to do with Jesus? 

How can we learn about Christ through the rites and seasons of the Church year? 

Building on years of parish, university and chaplaincy experience, the Rev'd Dr Thomas Plant presents Time for Christ: a course ideal for newcomers to Anglican or Catholic Christianity, Lent groups or as preparation for adult Confirmation.

Time for Christ the first book in the new AngCat (Anglican Catechesis) series, presenting the traditional faith of the Church of England and its sister Anglican and Episcopal churches from an Anglo-Catholic perspective. Further titles soon available from Greater Silence Publications www.greatersilence.com. 

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buddha by Faith Alone?

When the Jesuits landed in Japan and met the True Pure Land Buddhists, they thought that Luther had got there first...

A short e-pamphlet on a very different kind of Buddhism from what Christians might expect.

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The Iconic School

Church schools need to stand up to the crisis of relativism that is devastating teenagers' lives.

School chaplain Fr Thomas Plant exposes the crypto-curriculum that lies beneath the post-truth skills agenda of modern educationalists. Tracing the intellectual genealogy of modern relativism, he calls for a return to an older and richer, iconic understanding of reality in terms of transcendent beauty, goodness and truth.

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About Me

It took me a quarter of a century to become an Anglican. Brought up without much religion, I defaulted to atheism. It was practising Aikido and meeting Buddhists when I lived in Japan that set me on the path towards baptism.

I have been a parish priest in Berkhamsted and Camden Town, university theology lecturer, school chaplain, Latin teacher and Army reservist. A classicist turned theologian, I read for my PhD at Selwyn College, Cambridge University, studying comparative Christian and Japanese Buddhist thought.

I moonlight as an Aikido instructor and as Thomas Idoine, writer of Lovecraftian cosmic horror fiction.

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