Sean Penn calls Prince William’s deployment to Falkland Islands ‘unthinkable’ – Telegraph:

Actor Sean Penn accuses the United Kingdom of ‘colonialism’ over the Falklands.

I wonder, has he been to Hawai’i lately? There, the United States overthrew the legitimate, sovereign government in 1893 and imprisoned its monarch, Queen Lilikuolani, until 1900. It then annexed the islands as a Territory – despite military pressure from the Japanese, who were understandably keen to thwart American imperial ambitions in Asia. Full statehood and democratic rights were not granted to Hawai’i until 1959.

The Falklands, on the other hand, were barren and uninhabited until discovery by an English captain in 1591. No native population was subjugated, no native government overthrown. The people of the Falklands are full British subjects and consider themselves so.

Hawaiians are more divided over whether they should consider themselves American or not, considering the historic suppression of their native rule. Perhaps Penn should look at the plank in his own nation’s eye before picking the specks out of other people’s.
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