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The Rev'd Dr Thomas Plant

Fr Thomas Plant is a classicist-turned-theologian with a PhD in Christian-Buddhist comparative philosophy and an interest in interfaith engagement.

Fr Plant has served in parish ministry as curate in Berkhamsted and Team Vicar in charge of St Michael’s, Camden Town, an innovative church in a London UPA, as an Army Cadet Force padre, offering pastoral care, sacramental ministry and evangelistic mission to a wide range of young people, as a Visiting Lecturer in Theology at Newman University, and as Priest Vicar Choral at Lichfield Cathedral.

He has celebrated and preached in Japanese at his wife’s home church in Japan, and he maintains contacts with Japanese Anglicans both there and in the UK.

Fr Plant moonlights as an Aikido instructor and is an aficionado of real ale - to the extent of once blessing a brewery.

He understands his calling to include theological education, public square apologetics and entrepeneurial, strategic church leadership, but with a firm core of prayerful pastoral care grounded in the traditional liturgy of Anglo-Catholic worship.

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