Greater Silence is the web space of Fr Thomas Plant, where you can find books, articles and videos inviting you to explore the richness of the Catholic faith as it has been received in the Church of England.

“Use your head!” the teacher shouts. “I can’t get my head around it,” the student moans. The two of them
Who is God? Can God really be said to 'exist'? Video homily for Lichfield Cathedral School.
Pentecost 2020 The first thing a flute like my shakuhachi needs to make a sound is space: the empty space
Homily for Lichfield Cathedral School on the Feast of the Ascension The natural law says, “what goes up must come

Why “Greater Silence?”

The Great Silence is the time in a monastery from night prayer until the morning when no speech of any kind is allowed. The great mystical theologian St Dionysius the Areopagite describes the dazzling silence of God outshining all the possibilities of merely human words and description. It is in this spirit that I hope to guide the reader beyond the limit of my own meagre words into the greater silence of the contemplation of God.

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