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"The Lost Way to the Good"

Modern Westerners are happy to talk about their "truth," or what's good for them, but the idea that there might be such thing as the truth or the Good which is the same for everyone faces increasing suspicion and hostility. Any religious or philosophical truth is pushed into the private domain and treated as just one equally unprovable opinion among many. The result is a hollow society, filled by the loudest voices.

In the Lost Way to the Good, Thomas Plant traces a philosophical path along the Silk Road from the works of the shadowy Christian Platonist known as Pseudo-Dionysius, through Eastern Christian and Islamic thought, all the way to the True Pure Land Buddhism of Shinran in Japan.

For all our vital inter-religious differences, a shared way can be discerned. Platonism in its broadest sense offers a realist metaphysics to unite the traditional religious philosophies which secular relativists want to marginalise, divide and conquer.

The Rev'd Dr Thomas Plant is Fellow of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism. He draws on his doctoral research into Shinran Shonin and Dionysius the Areopagite, and more recent work on Ibn 'Arabi, to clear the old and overgrown path to the truly common Good.

The Catholic Jesus

A bible-based guide to how Christ can live in you through the Eucharist and the Church - great for Lent courses and Confirmation groups.

"An excellent curriculum of the Christian faith"
- Fr Richard Peers SMMS

Daily Prayer Planner

Need to get your prayer life in order? Try this daily, monthly and weekly journal to help you to keep your intentions, with an order for daily prayer and traditional devotions.

Time for Christ

A short introductory course to the faith of the Church of England, suitable for groups or home use.

Tradition for teenagers

A popular Confirmation gift, BCP 1662 is a full-colour introduction to the tradition of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer for young people.

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